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TRT Doctor in Orlando, FL

There are three main medications for testosterone therapy:

  • Testosterone injections or cream: Injections are done with a small needle. Some choose this method because no additional treatment is required throughout the week. Others prefer the topical cream applied daily. Both methods are equally effective and will give you the results you are seeking.
  • HCG is used to prevent testicular shrinkage and maintain natural production of the male hormone within the testes.
  • Estrogen Blockers are used to keep estrogen levels from rising while on treatment. Following the doctor’s protocol is critical in achieving maximum results.

Our Three Step Process

Expected Results

Testosterone does cool stuff to the body, but it usually doesn’t happen overnight. While you might start feeling pretty good, almost elated, after starting therapy, the various physiological benefits take varying amounts of time.

Sexual benefits. These kick in fully at about week 3 and plateau between weeks 19 and 21.

Depression relief. If it’s a factor, depression often starts to lift by about week 6, but maximum benefits take longer.

Anxiety alleviation, sociability, and increased attention and creativity (due to stimulation of the cerebral cortex). These start to improve at about week 3, plateauing about 3 months after beginning therapy.

Insulin sensitivity. Starts to increase in just a few days, with effects becoming evident (less body fat) in 3 to 12 months, but often continuing for years.

Increased muscularity. This is highly dependent not only on having adequate testosterone levels, but genetics, diet, lifestyle, and training. However, generally speaking, testosterone therapy can positively affect muscularity in as little as a month, peak at about a year, and then continue at a slower pace for some time.

The good life. There’s the intangible benefit known as life enjoyment. It’s what you often get when you combine all of testosterone’s benefits, the physiological and the psychological, into one. It can’t really be measured, but it’s oh-so valuable. Luckily, you found a doctor at Level Up that understands that!